Health Update!

I just got off the phone to my consultant to discuss the latest scan – once again, my tumour hasn’t grown and everything seems relatively stable! I would apologise for how boring these updates are, but I’m definitely happy with stable. I wouldn’t have expected this in summer 2017 (to be honest, I wouldn’t have expected still to be alive!). I’m not quite sure how my head hasn’t exploded yet, but I’ll take it! (The picture I have in my head is that if the tumour grows, my head will explode in an Alien-esque fashion. I don’t think that’s quite right though…)

The other bit of health related news is that on Saturday I’ll be getting my first dose of Covid vaccine, which I’m weirdly excited about. I’ll be able to say more about it once I’ve actually had it.

So a short update from me, but in summary, all’s good! (or as good as it can be)

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