Covid Vaccine!

Today mum and I got our first dose of the Covid vaccine! I am now (partially) protected from getting Covid – both mum and I are classed as clinically vulnerable so we were offered the vaccine. The second dose will be between 4 and 12 weeks depending on government policy, so basically, who knows…

I thought it might be helpful to do a wee post because although I know everyone who has the vaccine will have their own experience, I thought it might be helpful to know vaguely what to expect.

For me, the most surprising thing was just how quick it was. We got to skip the queue (which wasn’t too long anyway) because that’s their policy for wheelchair users. They gave a quick but thorough explanation of the vaccine and asked a few questions, then we got the vaccine and were allowed to go! The nurse who did my vaccine was lovely – she explained things in a very non-patronising way.

I was expecting to have to stick around for a while afterwards but they freed us very quickly. It was pretty much painless – even moreso than the flu vaccine which I’ve had for the last few years, so the only things to do now are to wait for the second dose and to monitor side effects.

I would urge anyone who is able to get the vaccine to do so as soon as they can – there’s a lot of scaremongering about it around the place but it’s honestly fine (also a good excuse for post vaccine chocolate!)

(I made the meme above, feel free to use it if you want to)

Edit to add: I did have some side effects but they seem to have worn off now. On Saturday evening I started feeling very cold and that night I was shivering despite wearing pyjamas, a jumper, my Oodie and two pairs of socks, as well as being under my duvet. I spent most of Sunday also feeling very cold but by the evening I was basically back to normal and today I feel fine. Even my arm doesn’t feel sore anymore!

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