Three Good Things a Day

As part of my Lenten discipline this year, I’m trying to think of three good things each day. I’ve already had days of forgetting to do this, but once a week I’m planning to post them on here (as well as daily on Twitter: @medievaldebbie)

So, Day 1

1) I was ashed, in a COVID safe way of course.

2) I spent most of the day having kitten cuddles!

3) I became second in our family fantasy league. At time of writing, I am still second!

Day 2

1) I got post! I love getting post, apart from when it’s about shielding (which nowadays it often is!)

2) I did a talk about lesbian nuns.

3) I learnt how to say ‘Bede is a dick’ in Latin

Day 3

1) The new Becky Chambers book arrived, and I finished it all in one day. (If anyone else has already read it please tell me your thoughts!)

2) I had a couple of lovely chats with friends (or friend, as Twitter originally changed it to – I do actually have more than one friend!)

3) I watched the film Stan and Ollie and really enjoyed it.

Day 4

1) another new book arrived in the post

2) I had a really lovely meal made by my mum (almost a week later I have forgotten what this meal was, but I trust my past self that I really enjoyed it;)

3) I was very tired, but in the full and warm way, rather than the altogether less pleasant ill way.

Day 5

1) I watched Jurassic Park for the first time in years

2) I had porridge for breakfast

3) I actually got up at a reasonable time for once

Day 7 (yes, I missed a day)

1) I listened to a very interesting talk in trans theology by Rev Rachel Mann

2) I felt a lot better than I did the day before (which I skipped so I presume it was not a great day)

3) I’m up to 20 on my 52 books in 2021 challenge

Day 8

1) I managed all my tea and even had seconds!

2) I had a (very Lent appropriate) mug of purple tea before bed

3) I was still feeling quite awake by bedtime!

Day 9

1) I watched Educating Rita for the first time

2) I started (and have now finished) reading a new book about Beyoncé and black feminism

3) I had a very nice lie in!

Day 10

1) I was able to leave the house for something that wasn’t a medical appointment! This hasn’t happened for a while!

2) My newest book arrived! Usually they send them all together but this time they just seem to be doing them all separately, which at least means more post!

3) I didn’t come last in our family quiz!

Day 11

1) I wrote my round for our next quiz tonight

2) I used my exercise bike for the first time in ages

3) I thought I had missed something which I’d promised to do but I found out it’s not until March so I wasn’t being forgetful or unreliable at all

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