Quizzes for Brain Tumours

As some of you reading this will know, March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month. Better late than never, I thought I would do a little fundraising activity. I know that there are a lot of demands on everyone’s time and finances at the moment, but it would be lovely to bring some joy to you all, and what purer joy is there than coming first in a quiz?

So, how I’m going to make this work is as follows: it will cost £2 to participate. To play, please send me the money via PayPal and then once I have received it, I will email you your copy of the quiz. Fill in the answers and get it back to me by the deadline!

So, some questions you may have:

What charity is this for?


It’s in aid of the Brain Tumour Charity, who I’ve done some fundraising for before.

What is your PayPal?


I will match fund all donations (up to a total of £100) and although the quiz is only £2, if you want to donate more, you can! I will post at the close for donations with a screenshot of the donation to the charity to prove that I haven’t just pocketed your money!

Is there a prize?

There will be a prize! The person with the most points wins eternal glory, but also chocolate. (Please let me know if you have any allergies or other dietary requirements!)

Can I play in a team?

Of course!

So, what’s the timescale?

From 13th March, donations can be made and quizzes will be sent via email.

They can be sent back with answers as soon as you can!

Deadline to buy a quiz: 31st March

Deadline to send me your completed quiz: 7th April

Winner announced: 14th April

One further thing from me – obviously I can’t police this but please don’t google answers. Asking a friend isn’t cheating, asking a search engine is!

Any questions, email me – deborahewhite1991@gmail.com

I think that’s everything! Happy quizzing!

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