Vaccine #2

Yesterday I had my second vaccine!

It all went remarkably smoothly – I was a little bit sick when I got home, but otherwise it was fine, and certainly much easier than the first one. I didn’t get any shivers – I’m just a bit more tired than usual, but it’s hard to tell what’s vaccine related and what’s just my body’s ‘normal’. I got a phone call from my GP earlier in the week asking if I wanted to postpone in order to get a different vaccine, but I figured that on the balance of risk going ahead was safer than waiting until a different vaccine was available. I already have a clot so I’m on medication for that already so I’m not too anxious.

As I’ve said before, if you can get vaccinated, do! I’ve been quite fortunate to have relatively straightforward side effects and my experience isn’t universal, but even a bad reaction is better than actually catching Covid!

I’m not going to be jetting off to Italy any time soon (sadly!) but it’s hugely reassuring to know that I’m vaccinated and as safe as I can be.

And in the continuing saga of auto-suggest, when I type vaccinated, my phone suggests ‘and microchipped’, which amuses me no end. Only a matter of time before I transform into a robot dinosaur!

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